Lake in Spain

Known Spanish lake, Salinas de Torrevieja, serving as a source of mineral resources for the region. The lake has no drain, but because of all the salt that falls into it, remains in its banks. Over the years, the solution got so full that the bottom and the coastal strip was covered with a crust of crystals. The unusual pink tinge to the water of the lake lends living here the archaea Halobacterium. Although its contribution to the overall colors contributes to the algae Dunaliella salina, which in water is red-orange beta-carotene.

Colored lake within the borders of Russia

But is it really such an outlandish reservoirs are found only abroad? Maybe someone had to deal with the name Crimson lake. As we know, geographical names are often very misleading. And the Black sea are not so black, and the water of the red sea with grape wine. But with Crimson lake it is not so. As Salinas de Torrevieja salt Raspberry lake is inhabited by microscopic inhabitants of the bright colors. It's not only the archaea and algae, and small crustaceans Artemia salina.

The lake does not always have a crimson coloration. The color changes from season to season, and even the height of the sun above the horizon affects the coloring of the water. But at some point it really becomes a rich crimson color.

Course at Raspberry lake

In the South-West of the Altai territory is the group of Upland lakes. This is a very diverse bodies of water both fresh and salt water, flow and drainage. To this group belongs the Crimson lake. This part of the Altai territory has little in common with the eponymous mountain range and more like the steppes of neighboring Kazakhstan. Because here was a education of salt lake.

The regional center is located 375 kilometres North-East, and near the lake is the village of St. Michael and Crimson Lake, which is processed salt produced in the pond. Local steppe crosses the railway line Kulunda — Rubtsovsk.

As with any salt lake, Crimson can boast of its healing properties. And water and mud full of minerals, which, penetrating through the skin, have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Swimming in these waters, it is impossible to drown, so this salt solution is denser than the tissues of the human body. But to stay long in the water is not necessary, because the slightest damage to the skin will manifest itself by itching and a burning sensation.