Business training is new for the Russian pedagogy direction. It is based on a combination of theoretical exposure and practical use of the gained knowledge. Conceived in the early stages of knowledge management systems and administration teachers and business trainers propose to use method of business cases. Invented at Harvard University, this method helps not only to study the techniques of successful business, but also to analyze the situations that was in the practice of real firms.
It has become incredibly popular in schools, who are engaged in business training and also training centers and some recruitment agencies.

Bicness case

The term business case is defined as a learning situation which was the place to be in the existing realities in the company. The business case is artificial created by the teacher, and his special practical significance and uniqueness.

The business case is applied in order to determine the knowledge of student with a particular business process, as well as the ability to think outside the box, analyze and make decisions in real conditions, to work in a team, to maneuver, to draw conclusions and propose solutions.

A business case is a comprehensive examination of a particular situation that happened at a specific company. In the situation consists of many components: information about the internal situation of the company, personnel reserve and capacity, and often interpersonal relations of the staff, founders, partners, its external Affairs, the nearest competitors, analytical data, and how the company has evolved and changed over time under the influence of external factors.

The value of the method and that the solution proposed by students can be compared to the solution found to solve the problem. Moreover, teachers usually have information on further developments that will allow me to say about whether the response of the company or the decision of students, it would be preferable for her.

Stress case

Solving of business situations, students face many challenges because they have to work with approximate data, with a limited amount of information. However, business cases are effective and from them much can be learned in follow-up activities in the field of business. They help to know what could be the situation in reality and how they can be overcome. They are also essential in order to apply their knowledge in the field of business in practical sessions during training.

The same method used by large companies to test candidates when hiring.

The independent decision of a case is often a qualifying exam, which is also called stress. The student is placed in a closed room and give educational materials. In the allotted amount of time he proposed to solve the portfolio of case studies, it is possible to use any information systems.