Remember that a business project is a document. It formed goal that is to be achieved, and the rationale, determined the direction of solving problems. Building the business case of the project lies in the sequential chain, from the emergence of an economic plan to obtain and realize the profit.
In the preparation of the business project, define the sources of necessary information. This can be an educational and professional literature, courses on preparation of business projects, Internet resources, audit reports, etc.
Next, define the goals of the business project. They konkretisiert emerged ideas. Pressing is correct and compelling justification of the project, which could confirm the effectiveness of the use of financial resources and to guarantee profit.
Evaluate and identify opportunities the target audience, which is designed for your business project. The choice of the audience determines the specifics of the project, i.e. the need to highlight those or other sides of the business.
Install the overall structure of the generated document and collect information for the preparation of each of the identified sections. Working on a business project to attract economists, accountants, financiers, marketers. Gathering internal information will take the employees of the organization, and information about market conditions and the financial forecast will produce external consultants.
Then proceed directly to the design and drafting of the document. When all sections of the business project will be developed, should prepare a summary of the main ideas of the project. In order to obtain constructive criticism of a business project can be passed for the analysis of disinterested experts who can assess the work.
Check availability in your business project the following sections:
- cover sheet;

- summary;

- history of the enterprise;

the essence of the project;

- the state of Affairs in the industry, market analysis;

- description of competitors;

- marketing plan;

- production plan;

- financial plan;

- organizational plan;

- risk assessment;