People are constantly faced with manipulators, which certainly need to impose their views by pressing or other methods. This is psychological violence should be nipped in the Bud, as the consequences are not harmless. And if you humbly to do what is not your work and your choices, you risk not for a long time to get rid of foreign influence.
As soon as you feel that you are attacking, imposing their will, build internal resistance. Tell myself mentally not to give in. Uncover the motives of the manipulator to its purpose. For example, colleagues might bow before your talent as an organizer. This manipulation! You unwittingly take on all the work for the holidays and other events.
Thus, knowing the purpose of the treacherous "friends", you calmly say that you give them the opportunity to achieve such heights by long and hard practice. A good weapon against attack manipulators, and your high self-esteem and self-righteousness. Be calm, because strong emotions can play a cruel joke with you.
Don't get mad and don't yell at advancing on you, smile and firmly say "No!". Always be outwardly cold and indifferent when dealing with mental aggressor, otherwise you will feel like a squeezed lemon. If you're calm, then the manipulator will be nervous and doubt their abilities.
Watch your physical and mental health, because a sick person is most vulnerable to foreign influence. Stress and depression, boredom and complacency make a person an easy target for attacks. Be cheerful and happy!
Always think before to do something on someone else's request, calculate all possible scenarios. Ask yourself: "what if it somehow will hurt me?". Do not succumb to the hypnotizing look and the speeches of the manipulator, relieve numbness and come up with an urgent matter that requires your immediate involvement.