Choose the right place to launch the kite. Is enough open area of size 40 by 40 meters. Make sure that the space is not very crowded with people, there's no wires and obstacles to wind, such as hills, houses or trees, making it a speed and direction is unstable. The perfect place to launch is from the sea, blowing from the water by the wind.
Make sure that the wind force is sufficient to launch a kite. Grass under your feet and the branches of trees have considerably to move, and water should be visible ripples. While not a strong wind the kite can break, and the wind blowing in your face, will make the process run uncomfortable and will detract from the pleasure.
Determine the direction of air flow, exposing to the wind your face or paying attention to the grass, branches, flags or smoke.
Ask a friend to take the snake in hand and unwind in the direction of the wind 20 meters of a rail. Standing with his back to the wind and face to the snake, slug, push the guard rails. At your request, friend need to let go of the snake. In a strong wind to stay in place, since snake himself has to climb up. If land is not enough wind, run off back a little until you feel that caught the wind serpent is torn up.
Keep the snake in hand or the other. Start to pull back, not unwinding the guard rails to the end. When the serpent rises to the maximum height of the free part of the handrail, pull him to the ground and, fixing guard rails at the bottom, begin to retreat back again, thereby lifting the snake to its maximum height. Perform this maneuver a few times to reach that height where the wind will allow the snake to climb into the sky without your help. Use this method in a weak or uneven wind, or if space is not enough to run.