Along with age-related changes, need to change, and cosmetics we use. Makeup artists suggest with age, go for moisturizing foundations or cream-tone effect. They go more than a thin invisible layer that appears not emphasize fine lines.
With age, the skin darkens. This occurs because of the existence of capillaries, enlarged pores and age spots. Therefore, in order to make the skin lighter note funds with luminescent particles that reflect light.
The skin around the eyes is aging and starts to cover fine wrinkles. They need to be carefully masked. So the wrinkles were not so noticeable, concealer, after applying, you need good shade.
At any age the excess powder is bad. It should be applied in zones. Apply powder only necessary in the region of the nose and chin and all other parts of the face it gives a dry and flaky appearance.
After 35 years, you should opt for a lipstick of natural shades. Throw away all the bright and dark colors. With age, lips become thinner, and give them the volume will help bright shades of lipstick, also well suited lip gloss, they also moisturize your lips.
Makeup artists are not advised at any age to paint the lower lashes mascara because it accentuates dark circles under the eyes. But over time the eyelashes are discolored, and it also gives age, so one coat of mascara on the lower lashes won't hurt.
But from the eyeliner of the lower eyelid better to just give up. It reduces the eye. Experiment with the upper eyelid. It is possible, for example, thickening the line toward the outer corner of the eye.