Bad lighting

Doing make-up at the electric light, to see how it will look in daylight.


Because of too frequent washing, the skin becomes dry, therefore, such procedures should be carried out as infrequently as possible.

Excess Foundation

The Foundation is applied to conceal skin imperfections. It is not necessary to apply it on whole face, just the cheeks or under the eyes. It is important to carefully choose the right best skin tone shade.


Helps hide shadows and discoloration on the face. Wrong chosen shade can ruin the makeup. According to makeup artists, concealer should be chosen at a half-tone lighter than the natural skin tone. To disguise dark circles can concealer of green shade, bodily for this purpose are not suitable. Make your lips fuller would help plumper and Shine.

Lipstick and liner

When applying the lipstick will definitely need a liner. It is important to choose the right color. Using contour pencil can be nice to outline the mouth. Bright shade of lipstick combined with the dark pencil will look too vulgar. Dark lipstick and bright pencil visually make the lips smaller.


The excess eye shadow makes your face look older. The most unfortunate shade is blue. These shadows are rarely a good choice.


The owners of dark skin perfect black eyeliner. While women with another color type is more suitable brown eyeliner. The lower eyelid is better not to fail.


Heavily painted eyelashes with clumps look messy. It is enough to apply the lashes in 2 layers. First applied first, followed by a to wait a bit and apply a second. If you apply two layers at once, they will stick.

Mascara should be changed every three months, since it is often accumulate bacteria and further use can cause harm to the eyes.


Cover the entire face bronzato not necessary. It is sufficient to apply it only on the cheekbones, forehead, chin.


Due to dust in the face look much older. It can highlight wrinkles, so older women are better to do without it.

Too long nails

To wear these uncomfortable nails. Short and manicured nails look neat and do not cause inconvenience to the owner.


With the perfume it is important not to overdo it. The smell should be light and unobtrusive.