Often, girls choose the tonal Foundation under his skin, making the complexion lighter or darker than the skin of hands and neck. When choosing the Foundation cream is to choose the closest tone to tone own skin. Another error associated with the application of Foundation, it is his excessive many. Makeup base needs to lay down a thin, even layer, almost transparent. This will hide skin imperfections and make it matte, but will give a natural complexion. Do not apply concealer like a makeup for a costume party.


Girls often paint their eyelashes in several layers, the hairs stick together and look like spider legs, causing the eye to lose its appeal. Also, do not use colored ink, blue or red lashes will look very strange with casual clothes. Choose mascara black and brown colors and apply one or two layers, then the view will be spectacular, but the lashes will look more natural.


Don't use multiple colors at once. Shades should be selected based on the type of your skin. Do not forget the feather, smooth transitions will look unobtrusive, but in General makeup is more elegant.


The color of the lipstick should be chosen based on color of skin, hair and image. For example, flashy bright shades will be out of place in a business manner, we should leave them for evening makeup. The lipstick should choose a lip pencil in the same tone, he will emphasize the contour of the lips and make them more attractive.

And never forget about the main rule in makeup: more is not better!