- The most common mistake is to apply Foundation or concealer as an alternative basis for the shade. Thus, under the influence of heat, the shadow rolled to the middle of the day and makeup will look sloppy.

- It is important to use the correct shades. No need to blindly follow fashion trends and try on. You need to find what suits you.

- The eye makeup was spectacular and precisely executed, should be used not only sponges, but also specially designed for this brush. So you can get a good feather.

- Do not overdo it with the shading. Shade can have a bit of a bone century. Shade the eyebrows is already too much.

- The arrow tail which goes down look rather unattractive, making sad eyes.

- So as not to spoil the makeup, you should first paint the eyes and then apply the cream, as the shadows tend to crumble during application.

If have limited time for makeup, or are thinking about how to put on makeup, you can only use the mascara - it looks a win-win.

Errors in the use of mascara

Undoubtedly, almost every girl uses makeup mascara. But it is possible moments when a completely new subject of cosmetics is not match the quality. Most often it happens due to errors in use.

- Wearing a negative impact on the properties of the carcass, as it is constantly exposed to the temperature difference. As a result changes its structure, which already carries with it certain consequences.

- Dilution of carcasses is not an effective method, since the dilution does not resumes its properties. When applied to lashes, this mascara will quickly crumble and adversely affect the mucous membrane of the eye.

- Should not produce active movements of the brush in the tube, as it will penetrate the air and the ink dries much faster.

Sometimes girls use mascara for a long time after the stated expiration date. First, expired ink is poor quality, respectively, bad falls and crumbles. Secondly, there is a plant bacteria that subsequently can cause allergies or irritation of the mucous membranes of the eye.