What is sleep and what affects it?

The human brain is a very strange and almost not studied the matter. In the head there is a lot of cognitive actions, control all the body and many strange things and processes: the effect of "de ja vu", subconscious actions, intuition, and finally dreams. Where are these color or black and white pictures and numerous images? How to interpret your sleep and what changes to expect? What to do if you have nightmares? Why dreams are often not remembered? People almost daily looking for answers not only these, but also on many other questions connected with dreams.

So what is sleep and where does it come from? A dream is the brain activity while relaxing the rest of the body. The whole day people gain experiences and emotions during sleep are felt. Many factors affect what he saw dream: mood, General fatigue, sexual satisfaction and even satiety. But if before going to sleep thirsty or hungry, the dreams will contain just pictures of food or water. For example, if you are thirsty, you dream that you drink and can't drink, or wandering the desert in search of water...

Should I trust my dreams?

Sometimes I start to dream very strange dreams, devoid of any meaning. Someone is trying to interpret your dream and find in it any sign or warning. These people study the numerous dream books, ask friends about the meaning of his dream. And then wait for changes and events, promised their sleep. Others simply try to forget about his strange dream. Believe it or not in the meaning of dreams is a purely each person.

Talking about dreams often slip such a thing as a "prophetic dream". There are people with a heightened sense of intuition. It thus often dream prophetic dreams, which are soon completely or partially true. This dream may be a dream of absolutely everyone. Prophetic dreams are sure to be remembered and come to mind both consciously and unconsciously. But it is not necessary for every dream a dream to think he's prophetic and wait for its execution.

In General, the nature of dreams is almost not studied, and do not blindly trust all dream dreams and look for signs of destiny. Of course, in some situations it happens that the dream gives some clue for further action, but it's better to trust your mind not during the holidays.