You will need
  • Knitting needles, ball of yarn
So you're going to knit a sweater (or any other product). But choosing a beautiful pattern in the magazine, saw that for its formation it is necessary to make vyvazhivanie crossed loops from pulling. Do not pass up this pattern, do not rush to find another. Just pick up needles and thread, sit back and start to knit. Nothing wrong with vyvazhivanii such loops there. Here you have only two ways how to do it, of several that exist today.
Method the first. Knit the row to the place where you expect to make the addition of a loop. Then vivacite one crossed the front loop, capturing the broach back. In the next row provarite all hinges, as usual. This is the first way to avoid the appearance of holes in knitted fabric. It is great in cases when you need to hide the added loop to make them invisible. For example, this method can be used when knitting a collar or bevels sleeves.
The second method. In the place where you want to add a loop, enter the pin in broach, leave it on the needle. Next just place it on left needle. Finally, in the third row provarite broach inside the loop. Spoke thus enter into its back. It will be a beautiful openwork holes, can decorate any knitted product. If you want to tie a pretty blouse or shawl, use this method.
That's all. You can use these methods vyvazhivanija crossed loops from the stringing to highlight the veins on the leaves, creating dresses, hats and other clothing. The above ways will surely help you to create a three-dimensional picture that will never be lost on the canvas.