You will need
  • - two straight or circular needles;
  • yarn.
String the first loop of the row on the right (working) needle. The shackle must be removed as in facial knitting, and the working thread should be at work.
Please note: if you need to remove nepovezane loop, like the front, the needle should always enter the ring in the wall moving from left to right. When in the manual of knitting required "to remove to right needle loop of the front crossed, the needle should move from right to left.
Provarite the next couple of loops together facial. The resulting loop must be routed through the pre-shot thread of the shackle.
Now try to do a double drawing in a different way. To do this, remove the left needle from the two loops of the working range as the front. The string needs to be stretched behind them.
First provarite one loop front, and then put on her removed a couple of loops with right needle.
Practice the control loops so that the average fibre bow was always at the top and went right in the center between two adjacent loops. For this first loop of the current row must also be put on the knitting needle, as in facial knitting.
The first shot put the loop back on the left (non-working) needle; then bring back her second shot of the loop. Together you can now knit all three loops.