Sharing accommodation with parents gives children to exercise their independence. On the basis of housing are now owners of the house are the parents, not the children. Therefore, all household problems are solved by mom or dad.

In most cases the views of children, living together is not considered. Parents do not consider it necessary to consult with children about dealing with home maintenance, meals, etc. As a consequence, children get used to the fact that the parents of all of them and decide do not attempt to resolve emerging issues.

Living with parents, the children do not attempt to get your own home. They are satisfied, it is convenient. After giving birth to their own children, they will not be able to instill independence in their actions, will not be able to give them a positive example. They will also live at the expense of their parents.

Son, living with his parents and with his family, aspires to become a full-fledged master of the house. In everyday terms, a man is completely unsuitable to economic questions. In the case of the loss of his father, he in adulthood will occur a complex process of adaptation to independent life. If he fails to adapt, he may lose his family, so as not fully to provide.


When living together of two or more generations, invariably there are problems in the relationship. The older generation think that they know better life, and this law is trying to control the lives of their children. Children want to live their lives, so show a protest against excessive parental care. Against this background of conflict situations.

In the presence of a large family of several women, there may be problems with the division of the territory of the apartment or house. Every woman wants to be mistress of, should decide what and when to cook what and when to do it. Only the manifestation of the wisdom of the elder women help to correctly assign responsibilities at home. Living separately from their parents, the woman quickly adapts to family life. In addition, it gives her a sense of confidence in your position mistress of the house.

In the education of children in the family, where several generations may have problems in the way of education. It is difficult to reduce the requirements of all family members in one system. Children have different requirements from adults, they become opportunists in communication and do not have a specific line of conduct.