Of course, the main difficulty is housing. If you don't have the apartment you inherited from grandma, then it should be removed. Proposals for the surrender of apartments a lot, but you will need to look for one that meets several requirements. First, it needs to be without owners, otherwise why to leave my parents. Second, it needs to be inexpensive, this can be removed away from the center. And thirdly, the furniture and the fridge are a must, after all, the extra money to buy them you have no. In an extreme case, an apartment of several rooms can be rented in half with a friend.
Clearly count all your money. In the first place, you must have the mandatory payments – the rent, utilities, tuition, fare. This amount should be deposited immediately from your monthly earnings and spend it more on what is impossible. For the first time the clothes and shoes that you bought in the parental home.
If the new apartment you don't have any household things, the first time you can borrow them from their parents. If the washer is missing, the small things can be washed and hands, and large – in house parents.
Make a list of items that you need to buy the apartment – a minimum set of dishes, Housewares, linens, etc. most Likely, you will need to spend in it. Purposefully equip your home, buying primarily the items mentioned in this list.
Learn how to accurately plan your budget. The money remaining after obligatory payments and buy the necessary things you need to live a month. Calculate what the average amount per day you can afford for food and all hygiene stuff, makeup, underwear. Control your expenses and not relying on the help of parents. If you are a adult who already may be living on your own, better to learn it immediately.