As appointed alimony

At divorce the child remains with one parent but the other must also participate both morally and financially. And the question of regulation of payments decided in court. By mutual consent of both parties for child support can not be formally submitted, and to assist the other parent will voluntarily according to the agreement. It is not recorded anywhere, but simply an oral agreement.

In the event of disagreement in this matter, the problem is solved through the court by filing a special Declaration and a document about the divorce. According to the Family Code, the child support is assigned or a percentage of wages: 25% for one child, 33% for two and 50% for three or more children or in a fixed amount. The second option is usually used in the case of irregular earnings or even the lack of it. The court determines the amount based on the financial possibilities of the payer, and also takes into account the needs of the child. At the moment, consider the question of the minimum payments.

Sometimes there are situations when child support is served, being married and living together. This most often occurs when a spouse has a child who he already pays child support, and then a new family is born another, and to reduce payment for the first child, i.e. to pay a quarter of wages, 16.5% (i.e., 33% to share for two children), and served for child support.

Alimony are appointed to help the minor children, ie, until they reach 18 years of age. In some cases, payments cease sooner when the child becomes viable before that age with the establishment of his family or a job.

Repayment period can be extended in several cases: if the incapacity of the child (disability) or upon his inability to provide for themselves (illness, difficult life situation). In some cases (when entering University for full-time) you can require payment at the time of learning to achieve child 23 years.

If the child is adopted by another person, then alimony is also terminated and all rights and obligations are transferred to new parent.

Responsibility for non-payment of alimony

Unfortunately, not all parents agree to help their children. Sometimes that or even hide from paying, or forge documents, reducing the amount of income.

If child support has been filed officially, but payments are not made, it is necessary again to apply to the court with a statement of compliance. And then to the former parent, the bailiffs come and seize the unpaid amount with interest for delay. In the absence of the necessary amount of money may charge its existing assets. If a person works, the possible option of sending mail to work and retention money from his wages for child support.

Multiple violations and delays in the payment of child support without serious reasons may lead to criminal liability. So this is not to be trifled, the more you help your child.