The maintenance of minor children is the responsibility of every parent, and the fact of punishment for the Commission of any crime is not exempt from this duty. These citizens have a certain income which in accordance with criminal-Executive legislation can not be less than the legal minimum wage. The remuneration is charged to prisoners as a result of performing their specific job duties in the process of punishment. That is why the amount of support for these individuals is determined in the usual manner – in the form of a percentage of regular income.

How to force to collect child support from an inmate?

If one of the parents of the child is serving a sentence, the other parent or legal representative may apply to the court with the statement for court order for alimony. After the hearing and receipt of the document the claimant sends a court order to the administration of the correctional institution where he is serving the punishment a parent of a child. Upon receipt of this document, the administration will be forced to keep the application installed in the judicial share of the monthly emoluments of the prisoner and to transfer these funds to the account which the claimant must specify in the statement. It should be noted that the minimum proportion of earnings required to be given to anyone serving a sentence on hand, less than a quarter of his total remuneration, so the remaining funds can be retained for the fulfillment of such requirements, reimbursement for the maintenance of the prisoner.

How to collect child support from an inmate if there is an agreement?

In some cases, the child's parents sign an agreement about its content, which shall be certified by a notary and has the force of an Executive document. If after such agreement, the maintenance payer in jail, the representative of the child may submit the agreement with the statement on compulsory collecting of the alimony to the administration of the institution concerned. Such an agreement is regarded as independent of the Executive document, so after it is received from the administration of the colony also have obligations under the involuntary retention of the required amount from the parent's income.