White mustard is an annual oilseed plant that has deep roots and great green mass, the height of which varies from 30 to 80 cm Flowering collected in racemes of yellow flowers, highlighting the strong honey smell. In subsequent flowers formed fruit – long pods with seeds. White mustard is used as a "green manure" or fertilizer.

Why is it useful

Due to the deeply penetrating roots in the ground mustard is well able to loosen the structure and to drain the soil. Allocated to the root system of a substance having a detrimental effect on the wireworms. The pest avoids plots planted with white mustard.

In the period of mowing, when the green mass of the plants enters the soil, its processing receives a large number of microorganisms that enrich the soil. White mustard is able to suppress the growth of weeds.

Promotes the culture and easier assimilation of soluble nutrients – phosphates other plants. Dense sheath of mustard prevents wind and water erosion in spring and autumn. Winter cover of mustard do not allow the soil to freeze much. The essential oil contained in all parts of the plant, prevents the accumulation of soil pests and fungi.

How and when to plant

Preparation for sowing white mustard contains the same events as in the sowing of early spring grains. To sow this crop for the entire garden season, from spring until the beginning of September. In the southern regions until mid-to late September. Some gardeners sow and in the winter, but in this case you need to wait for cold weather to culture has not yet had time to climb. As fertilizer sowing of mustard is held twice a year: 30 days before planting any vegetable crops and in early autumn when the harvest.

Sowing after harvest allows you to retain moisture in the soil. When to sow mustard in one of two ways:
- rows with a distance of 15 cm, while the seeds buried in the soil to a depth of 1.5-2 cm;
- the prepared area evenly scatter the seeds and flatten the top with a rake.

Special care mustard does not require, if the ground is very dry, you need watering and all. A month and a half when the plant reaches a height of 20 cm, it is necessary to cut, grind and seal in the soil. Experienced gardeners watered the clamped leaves of plants such drugs as "Baikal", "the Shining" and "restoration", and the top covered with a film of black color or roofing material. Thus, by the fall, you can get loose, healthy and enriched with all necessary for plant growth substances soil.