Some gardeners prefer to grow sunflower seeds by seedlings, but the trouble is that not all varieties have a strong enough root system to safely survive the transplanting from one place to another. On the other hand, if you plant sunflower seeds directly into open ground, frost can easily damage the young plants.
Therefore, for the successful cultivation of sunflowers select the most suitable for your band variety is frost resistant and early ripening.
For planting sunflowers select from autumn plot, dig it to a depth of 20 cm, fertilized with manure, compost, mineral supplements.
The sunflower refers to cross-pollinated plants, therefore, give the preference to any one class. Two classes propylbis will only hurt each other, the seeds they have will be smaller, yields will be reduced significantly.
The rarer shrubs will be planted, the larger they will the seeds, so allot for each plant plot with an area of at least 30 to 50 cm to Plant seeds when soil temperature reaches 8°C. Collect for planting large and heavy seeds with an intact shell.
Stick them in the ground to a depth of not more than 5 cm, sprinkle with ground pour water. In case some of the seeds came up in one hole you can plant up to 5 seeds, but leave in the end will have only one plant, ruthlessly deleting the other.
Young sprouts are tasty treats for birds, so set along all the beds on both sides of the pegs and pull between the white thread. To heighten the effect of the thread you can tie a white cloth or aluminum foil. On young plants the size of 8-10 cm, the birds no longer interested in them, and the design can be removed.