Pioneers are always covered with the spirit of high romanticism. People admire their courage and ability to endure the hardships of a difficult journey – their trails can be found in the most remote places in the forest, in the mountains, in the Sands of hot deserts and vast ice tundra.

The opening of new lands should be confirmed by a detailed map of their location. To create a reliable and clear picture of the terrain capable surveyor. This profession came with the craving of mankind to travel and to make geographical discoveries.

Topography as a science has found its application in many fields of human activity, for which specialists are trained at specialized departments of building schools.

Professionals topographic and their knowledge is needed on those routes where they pulled pipeline, high-voltage power lines to grow plant, new town or housing estate. They make up the plan area, causing a point of prevailing heights, engineering a language shift on the map all the terrain features. According to the topographic map, following the pioneering compilers of maps already are geologists, hydrologists, builders, power engineers and other professionals. Professional holiday of pioneer Day is a surveyor.

Topography in the military

Without specialists, the mapping of hard to win the war. The mapped objects of the enemy gunners adjust fire. Using location plans and topographic maps tylovikov quickly induce crossings, build bridges, fortifications, pillboxes, camouflaged paras and other strategic and tactical targets.

Military topographer is a special profession. Specialist need to quickly locate, navigate in unfamiliar terrain using modern high-tech equipment, electronic 3D maps and take location to build a geodetic network and to perform many other complicated engineering problems. In addition, he, like any other soldier carries on his shoulders all the hardships of military service.

Geodesy and topography

These two areas of science go with each other hand in hand. Geodesy deals with:

- creating horizontal and vertical bases-network;
- determination of the coordinates of the network;
- calculates the value of the amendments.

Topography, in turn, on this scientific basis performs applied measurement location. Although the specificity of these Sciences are somewhat different, it fits into the work of the pioneer. That's why, increasingly, one profession merged two departments, the surveyor-topographer.

The profession of the surveyor is real proof that in the twenty-first century is still possible to open the new earth Sciences and transfer them to the card technology.