You will need
  • - constituent documents of the individual entrepreneur or enterprise;
  • -business plan;
  • - additional documents in accordance with the requirements for applicants in a particular region.
There is some General framework set at the Federal level. The maximum amount of the subsidy ranges from 200 to 400 thousand rubles. You can qualify for less. And from the moment of registration of the company or the entrepreneur must take some time: the national average is not more than one or two years.Somewhere the founder of the enterprise or entrepreneur to register must have a status of unemployed (in this case it makes sense to first register with the employment center, where, incidentally, you can get additional subsidy to start their business), at their own expense to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, where a subsidy is given only for a specific purpose (e.g. the purchase of means of production), there are restrictions on the fields of activity of applicants, etc.
In General, all the features of the regional subsidy business beginners need to know the Agency for enterprise development of a particular region. Information about this and other programs of state support of business may often be found on the website of the Agency or of the Department of economic development and trade (depending on the region of possible variation of the name of this structure, but the General meaning is the same everywhere), which the Agency for enterprise development.In any case, to apply for a grant through the Agency, will explain all the requirements to the participants, the documents confirming the given fact, and advise you on how to write a business plan, and will help him to adjust.
Listen carefully to everything you tell on the first appointment. Write down the most important points, ask the expert Agency a list of the required documents, ask for advice, where and how best to bridge the gaps that prevent to qualify for a subsidy right now, if available (for example, where better to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, if there is a requirement for candidates).Pay special attention to recommendations for drafting of the business plan. The prospect of obtaining grants depends, in the first place, from him.If you have the opportunity to purchase a training manual drafting, don't neglect it.
Having everything you need, enjoy a collection of missing documents and preparation of a business plan. Ready show it to the specialist Agency. Such consultations are usually paid, but are inexpensive, and if successful, the grant be repaid with interest. Please use this service until the specialist of the Agency will not be the slightest comments.Then hand over the finished business plan and all the documents to the Agency or the Department of economic development and trade. The procedure and deadlines for applications for subsidy in a particular region you will explain within the Agency.After submitting the documents, wait for decision. And if it is positive - money.