You will need
  • Blank card "Photo of the day".
Familiarize yourself with the process and work space. Prepare map pictures working day (observation sheet). Indicate the same time indices (codes) – it breaks, maintenance of the workplace, basic and repetitive operations, etc. Record General information about the workplace: about time, about the used equipment. It is also necessary to warn staff about the diagnosis. If staff will do the introspection, we should formulate the basic operations that staff did not invent them long names, difficult processing.
From the beginning of the change continuously and consistently watch fix in the form each activity, the operation performed, the time spent in the various zones of any interruptions. Observations are recorded on the current time, i.e. at the beginning of the action fill the column "Name" (and in other lists is called the "Element of time"), at the time of expiry specify the current time. Beginning operations is not fixed, because it implies that it coincides with the end of the previous one. Downtime should be accompanied by comments in the "note" on the causes of downtime: poor work organization, unauthorized absences from the place of work, distractibility employee, production failures, etc.
Analyze the results of observation. First complete the column "Duration", calculate it as the difference between the start time and end time of the action. Also fill in the column "Code" (and in other forms can be "cost Index"), firstly developed in the preparatory stage, the indexes of the same name works. Summarize the costs for the same work and fill the part below the table of observations. Develop recommendations, based on the purposes of the photos of the day. Recommendations can be aimed at the elimination of losses of working time, the correction ratios of the working day, etc.