Kazakh pilaf


- meat (lamb or beef) - 600 g;
rice - 1 Cup;
- water - 1.5 cups;
- onions (bulb) - 3 pieces;
- carrots - 6 pieces;
fat (melted) - 4 tablespoons;
- dried fruits - 1 Cup;
- salt, pepper - to taste.

Fat need a couple of minutes to warm on the hearth. Then it is necessary to pour the sliced onion. When vegetables start to go Golden, you should put in a roasting pan meat, pre-cut into large pieces. Carrots need to grate and add to the future afloat. The dish need salt, pepper and leave to bask in the fat until soft.

The rice should be thoroughly washed. Further, it must be soaked in cold water for 5-10 minutes, then drain. After this the rice must be spread on the meat. Stir the pilaf don't need, simply to level the surface, below all the ingredients are well fried. The dish cover with water and bring to boil. Then to the meat and rice you need to add chopped dried fruit.

Next, you need to put on the pan lid and reduce the power of fire. Simmer the pilaf has about another hour. After that ware remove the plate and wrap the towel without removing the cover. The dish should lie in such a "coat" around 20-30 minutes. Before serving, pilaf should be stirred.

Vegetable pilaf


- mushrooms - 400 grams;
rice - 2 cups;
- carrots - 2 pieces;
- onions (bulb) - 2 pieces;
- water - 3 cups;
- oil (vegetable) - 4 tablespoons;
- pepper (Bulgarian) - 1 piece;
- chopped dill - 2 tablespoons;
- garlic, black pepper, salt, cumin - to taste.

The mushrooms should be washed, pour water and boil. The liquid remaining after cooking, it is better to leave as it can be used as broth. Then you need to chop the onion in small cubes, boiled mushrooms - sliced, bell pepper and carrot strips. These ingredients should be fried in butter. They need to cook to a Golden shade on the bow.

After the mushrooms with vegetables, you need layers to lay out in a roasting pan. They need to put well-washed rice. The mixture should pour hot mushroom broth. Further in the dish it is necessary to add salt, black pepper and cumin. Future risotto should simmer for 10-15 minutes. Then in mushroom mass you need to push the unpeeled garlic.

The dish should be cooked on low heat for about 10 minutes, put it into a roasting pan cover. After that ware remove the plate and wrap in towels. So pilaf should stand for about 20 minutes. Ingredients better to mix just before serving, sprinkle them with dill.