You will need
    • Lamb – loin
    • ribs
    • neck - 1 kg;
    • Onion – 0.8 kg;
    • Carrots – 0,5 kg;
    • Rice "basmati" or "Jasmine" 0.8 kg;
    • Spicy red pepper 0.5 pod;
    • Spices – coriander
    • Zira
    • barberry
    • turmeric
    • saffron black pepper;
    • Garlic
    • 3-4 heads;
    • Vegetable oil 0.5 liters
    • Salt.
Meat wash and cut into not very small pieces. Bone, if very large, cut, but no big deal, they also come in handy. Cut the onion half rings, carrots – julienne, but you can RUB it on a coarse grater or mandoline.
Put a pot or a pan with thick walls on fire, pour oil into it and rascality until the grey fog. Drop big bones, if they are fry, the meat began to get behind them, place in a bowl. Begin to cook meat, it should immediately be roasted, not braised. If a lot of meat, you can fry it in 2-3 hours. Fried meat place in a bowl to the bones.
The remaining heat in the cauldron oil and put the onions, stir and continue to fry until it Zabolotets.
Put carrots, stir fry 3 minutes, then put in the cauldron meat and bones, pour a small amount of hot water so that it only covered the vegetables and meat, add salt, put all the spices, hot pepper. When boiling, reduce heat to minimum, close the cauldron lid and leave to stew for 1 hour.
After the meat and vegetables extinguish, pour the rice into the cauldron. The rice is not pre-rinse and do not soak. Flatten it and add water to it was two fingers above the level of rice. Make fire stronger when it boils, leave on high heat for 5 minutes, then 5 minutes let it boil on medium heat for another 5 minutes on very low.
Make rice deepening to the bottom of the pot and put in a whole head of garlic, close the cauldron lid, turn off the heat and leave it so for about 20 minutes.
Open the cauldron and put the pilaf on a large platter, sprinkle with herbs.