You will need
  • Oil paint,
  • palette
  • turpentine,
  • brush
  • a palette knife.
Before working with oil paint you need to put an edge on the palette. The middle of the palette should be empty, because it is needed to mix paint.
Mixing masnaah paints
The process of mixing should be by means of a brush or palette knife. A palette knife is a metal spatula, sometimes with sharp edges. Work tools should be a fairly fast but carefully. The result is a mass of uniform paste-like consistency of tone.Oil paints can be no divorce, and writing what they squeeze from a tube. If you wish to breed should be only a liquid, which is capable of them to evaporate. It is best to use paints or turpentine.
Mixing paint, you should know what happens when paint of one color to mix with another.
Depicted with a dark or bright yellow of cadmium in the fruits of ripe pear, it is not necessary to light up, if necessary, lead white. Most likely the paint will pouchot and change the tone. In this case it is better to use peanut butter. Golden-yellow foliage obtained with cadmium changes color if you add ochre.White lead paint is quite whimsical. Suppose, there is a need to highlight night landscape, painted with dark ochre, cobalt violet, Mars brown to deep twilight. If using white lead, get rather starting twilight, so dramatically brighten the tone of these whitewash. In addition, the quality of the paint greatly reduced.On the basis of white lead made paint Naples yellow. This paint should not be mixed with an iron spatula, because when in contact with iron it darkens. You can use the bone spatula (and see this), or mix the paint with a brush.Quite fussy and such a wonderful tone as ultramarine. If, for example, the sky and the sea, using mainly ultramarine make it lighter by using all of the same white lead, get a pre-storm ocean, where I rule the roost shades of brown. Not friendly ultramarine and black colors. He quickly gohnet in their presence.All these features are very important when mixing so as not to be trapped.
A mixture of Golden yellow
Mixing of paint is required before operation. If you leave the paint for a long time on the palette, there will be a drying of the upper layer and to work with a brush will be impossible.Do not be afraid of improvisations, you can mix the shades that were previously not able to mix with anyone. Most importantly, we should not forget what the neighborhood is how it affects the color and quality of paint.
A riot of colors