The causes of the disease

The causative agents of this disease are streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, or adenoviruses. Being a long time in the body of the child, they might not be, but should your child get his feet wet and SuperCool, they immediately aktiviziruyutsya and begins the process of inflammation.

The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and can get from a sick person, rarely say cases of transmission through toys and General items of use.


Symptoms of infection manifest themselves pretty quickly. First it starts with chills and fever up to 40oC, then one of the following symptoms:
- weakness and lethargy;
- aching joints;
- headache;
- dryness and tickling in the throat;
- enlarged tonsils and soreness of the neck and lymph nodes;
- unpleasant sensations in the mouth, loss of appetite and grayish-white coating on the tongue;
- the appearance of the tonsils a white-yellow plaque;
- increased heart rate and respiration.

There are cases when the disease is fever, but then you need to take seriously the treatment.

Treatment of purulent angina

First, you need to provide the child with bed rest. At high temperature it is necessary to give as much fluid as possible: a decoction of chamomile, rose. The drink must be warm so as not to irritate the throat.

All the food is desirable to grind into a puree, to make it easier to swallow it. You can cook the chicken broth and give it to the child during the day.

When purulent tonsillitis doctors must prescribe antibiotics to prevent serious complications. As a rule, these drugs are: "Biseptol" and "Ampix". The drug is taken within 10 days, regardless of have a fever or not.

Together with antibiotics prescribe antihistamines: Suprastin, "Tavegil", "Fenkarol", "claritin". They enhance the action of antibiotics and reduce the likelihood of allergies. Agents assigned individually in consultation with a specialist.

Very useful for sore throat gargle as often as possible, ideally once per hour. Rinse used a decoction of chamomile and calendula. Can be diluted in a glass of water one teaspoon of salt and soda.

Also you need to lubricate the tonsils of a child with a solution of "solution" with glycerin. There is no need to "rip off" the RAID, not to deliver the child as an inconvenience. Treatment should be taken very seriously and responsibly to prevent negative consequences.