Modern men and women is not so easy to get to know each other. Frantic pace of life in the city leaves no time to spend their free time in places where it is theoretically possible to meet a decent life partner. Many people feel that Dating in the resorts during the holidays or in night clubs on a rollicking parties, nothing serious, in principle, can not happen. That's why people register on the Russian Dating site "Mamba" hoping to meet "his" people.

Negative user feedback on the Dating site Mamba

Immediately after registration a newbie to Mambo begins to communicate with other users of this site. These are ordinary people from the street, but the ability to hide behind the mask of avatars and nickname dizzy some of them. That is why many users are faced with rudeness, insults and indecent proposals in terror, and delete your account.

Having such a negative experience on Mamba, remain confident that the Internet alone perverts and assholes. Actually on the Dating site with the same probability as in real life, you can find both good and bad people.

Once acquainted with Mercantile girl, should not be considered all as such, and would be wrong to assume all men obsession with sex, if I saw one "troubled" young man. The difference between Internet Dating and real life is only in the fact that the interlocutors do not see each other at the beginning of communication, because a photo can be "fake".

Positive user feedback on the Dating site Mamba

Sometimes on the website Mamba is possible to get acquainted with a decent man. Many girls love to tell about how it was there that they exchanged the first messages with someone who later became their lover. Thousands of former users of Mamba today is already married to those with whom they once met on the website.

It is very convenient that each user of Mamba indicates in their profile their preferences, interests and Hobbies; this allows you to assess the suitability of this man for other relationship before you entered into the dialogue.

Not all originated on a Dating site relationships necessarily end in marriage. Someone finds a friend, someone's lover, someone- even an employer. In addition, one of the numerous services of the Mamba allows you to find a travel companion to travel together.

It is important to remember that on a Dating site are also recorded, some perverts and freaks, but ordinary people who for some reason haven't managed to build a stable relationship. The Mamba can be seen as romantic student and the bored Director of the company, as a vamp, and ordinary housewife. Who knows, maybe some of these people – your spouse!