Moreover, thanks to its filters dishwasher softens the water and removes many harmful impurities. In order to choose the dishwasher, you should be familiar with some of their main characteristics.

First of all you should decide which model you need – internal or external installation. Built-in models can be fully hidden elements of kitchen furniture or to have open buttons, and other controls. These nuances should be solved on the basis of your existing kitchen furniture.

The volumes of cars also differ from large (calculated to not less than 12 sets of crockery) to a compact (4 sets). The volumes are selected on the basis of the internal regulations of the family and the number of people in it. Some people prefer to run the dishwasher several times a day, and someone tries to take only one run, so the question of the scope selection is very individual and is determined not only by the size of the furniture.

As with washing machines, a dishwasher has several wash modes. In addition to standard is usually another mode with the additional washing mode, a soak and a fast wash with the energy savings. Some models define the desired mode themselves, in others, the user sets manually. In addition to these four modes, there are different variations, but it certainly is necessary is to consider all these four.

Using a dishwasher significantly reduces water consumption, which is extremely important for apartments with water meters. The fact that a dishwasher washes immediately with all the necessary volume of water, while the man crushes it into separate actions, not to mention the time spent wiping and cleaning clean dishes, when the water flows from the tap in vain.

Besides saving water, it is worth thinking about saving energy. To do this, choose a dishwasher with the highest grade energy-saving class A.

Another important point is the noise level during operation of the dishwasher. In the passport of the dishwasher must indicate the noise level in decibels. And here it should be borne in mind that built-in dishwashers emit less noise because hidden inside the furniture. However, the importance of low noise levels you define yourself on the basis of the layout of the apartment and the regime of washing dishes, which you are going to stick with it.