Why budgies live a little

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The reason commercial approach to the birds, which are sold under the label of "easy care" Pets. As a result of the birds just put in a cage and occasionally give them seeds. Many people budgerigars do not survive to 5 years.

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Due to the lack of movement they become fat. It is difficult for the internal organs of the Pets. And they are failing faster than usual. Most parrots are overweight suffer the so-called lipoma, a type of tumor that grows between the skin and the muscles.

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But sometimes the parakeets, which are well cared for, and die at a young age. There are cases when birds have a tumor occurs even with proper care. Caring owners turn to veterinarians, and those usually advised to euthanize the bird, so she did not suffer from pain. In some cases parrots can live for another 1.5 years.

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Another cause of mortality budgies – their escape from the air vents. Even if the birds are returning home, there is always the possibility that they ate something poisonous. Then the bird may die of poisoning, perhaps not immediately, but after a couple of months.


How to extend the life budgies

Budgerigars come from Australia. In the wild, they live from 5 to 10 years. But at home with proper care they can live even up to 17 years.

The only way to extend the life of a budgie is to keep it in shape. A healthy diet, mobility, low stress, mental exercises, if necessary, medical care – these are the components of a healthy lifestyle feathered pet.

A healthy diet includes seeds or low-fat diet chips, fruits and vegetables. Some little seed of minerals and vitamins, high in fat and calories, so it is important that the parrots loved vegetables.

To support parrots in good shape, regularly enough to open the cage door and let them out to fly around the house.

To avoid stress you need to correctly position the cell. Put her away from loud noise, avoid sudden movements, being close. Especially important is the peace and quiet at night. Parrots go to sleep in the evening, and owners like at this time to watch TV or listen to the radio. Consider the day of their Pets.

With the parrot you need to communicate. In the wild they live in packs, and communicating them is vital.

Sometimes wavy parrots, as other Pets, need medical care. Given this, it is possible to train yourself to save each month some money for urgent treatment.

The life cycle of budgerigars extend not difficult. But this requires some effort from your side.