The life expectancy of budgies

Budgies quite often you can find at home. No wonder, because to take care of them pretty simple and they are inexpensive. In addition, they are fairly easy to learn to pronounce some words and expressions that makes them stand out among other Pets.

How many years will live parrots in captivity is largely dependent on attention and care from their owners. With proper care these birds can live up to 15 years, whereas in the wild they rarely live more than 5 years. History also, there are cases when budgies lived at home for almost 20 years.
Budgies first described in 1805 by the English naturalist George Shaw.

Proper care of wavy parrots at home

To keep your feathered friend lived for as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care. First of all, wavy parrots need a balanced feed in the form of a grain mixture composed of seeds of meadow grasses, flax, oats, small sunflower seeds, millet and other. The optimal number of 1.5-2 tsp per day. In addition, in the diet of wavy parrot from time to time it is necessary to include additional food: boiled egg, low-fat cheese and mineral supplements high in calcium.

The wavy parrot cage should be spacious enough that it can fully meet the needs of the movement. For his entertainment in the cage to hang the mirror button simultaneously and put a couple of perches. Parrot also every day we need to pay attention to, to talk to him, as bored and lonely parrots can get sick. In the cage at all times must be clean water.

In the room where the parrot is wavy, not Smoking, arrange draughts, greatly reduce or greatly increase the temperature. It is also very important to carefully monitor your feathered pet, as nanohenry view, lack of appetite, vzjeroshenij, strong hair loss and dryness of feathers can be a symptom of serious diseases. In this case, it is crucial to contact your veterinarian.
Budgerigars are quite often exposed to various diseases, among which are particularly widespread psittacosis and cnemidocoptes. If they are not treated, the birds will die.

Important for normal health birds is the duration of daylight. In the summer it should be 12-14 hours, and in winter 10-12. If the light is not enough, you need to include additional electric lighting, otherwise the parrot will not have time to eat daily servings of grain.