You will need
  • - 2-3 buds-buds Bush or climbing roses;
  • - trunk-rootstock from the hips;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - insulating tape;
  • - a peg-bearing;
  • - secateurs.
Stam roses can have different size. So, on a low trunk to instill a large and lush Bush varieties and high very nice climbing. Despite the size of the barrel, any standard rose looks beautiful, and if you combine the song with other low-growing flowers, then you will receive an original flower arrangement.

You must first grow the trunk. For this grow rootstock from the hips within 3-4 years, with the lower parts of the plant need to remove all the buds, leaving only the strongest 2-3 upstairs.
Simultaneously, you need to grow a rose Bush, the kidneys which will serve as grafting on the rootstock of wild rose. To create a standard rose will approach Bush and climbing instances.
In the spring you can begin to be vaccinated. It is necessary to use 2-3 buds-buds. Clean knife or scalpel, cut the buds of the rose, the lower part of the taper on two sides. On a single trunk make from opposite sides on the same thread. Insert in each eye and wrap the connection with electrical tape. Teach the principles of kidneys at some distance from each other, that is, one needs to be a few inches higher than the other.
Shoots of the trunk, cut a little above the place where you planted roses the eyes. In the first year after vaccination do not let to blossom sapling, rose needs to increase shoots. In the second year begin to form a crown at will, making it round or allowing her to grow naturally, but every spring, remove all shoots that appear below the site of inoculation.
In areas with snowy winters roses need to be covered for the winter. On the crown wear bags or pouches and tie on the trunk. There is another way to keep the rose from freezing. Before the frost you need to dig a trench, bend the rose, secure it with a hairpin and cover with dry leaves or put on top of spruce branches.