You will need
  • Rose, knife, scissors, brilliant green, or potassium permanganate, aloe juice, soil for planting, warm water, plastic bottle.
The stems of your favorite roses are cut into cuttings with a length of about 15 cm for seedlings Take only the middle part of the stalk, pre-cut Bud and the "updating" of the slice in contact with water. Ensure that each stalk was present at 2-3 buds. Try to do the bottom cut on the stem 1 cm below the kidneys at an angle of 45 degrees. And the top edge to make the direct passing at a distance of about a centimeter above the kidney.
Remove the lower leaves of the stem, the thorns cut. Cauterized upper section of a solution of brilliant green, or potassium permanganate. Place the cuttings in freshly prepared aloe juice for 12 hours, or soak them in a special humic concentrates or growth stimulants.
Prepare the soil for transplanting, moisten it, and sprinkle the top layer with sand. Take your seedlings and plant them, deepening into the soil and a half - two centimeters. Pour warm water and cover with plastic bottles with pre-cut bottom. The bottle should be pointing up. Don't forget that roses need light and in the glow of fluorescent light.
A month later, when the cuttings are well rooted and will begin to move into growth, begin to accustom them to the open air. If at this time the buds appear, remove them immediately. Remember that soil is the best to buy specially suitable for roses, and the optimum temperature for permanent rooting - 23-25 degrees.
The first 2 weeks spray the seedlings at least 5-7 times a day. Water as needed, remembering that the soil should be moist, but not soggy. If it is impossible to organize multiple spraying manually, use the automatic mist systems, especially if we are talking about a large number of rooted seedlings.