In psychology, the adequacy is the degree of conformity of human behavior to certain schemes and models of behavior. If the company is put there, putting the plate on the table and sit in this chaire – is the norm. And here is a man who, for no reason, no reason at all, sit on the edge of the table and legs put on a chair, in breach of the scheme. This behavior is already beyond the adequacy and regarded as inadequate.

Of course, not everything is so unambiguous. Human behavior is not always possible to clearly highlight the model that should be followed. And it is for this reason, it is impossible to assert with confidence that a particular behavior will be adequate or not. The adequacy, oddly enough, the concept is largely subjective. After all, if someone works on themselves as they think is right you, it does not mean that other people deem his behavior appropriate.

Interestingly, the term adequacy is present not only in psychology and philosophy but also in mathematics and probability theory. The essence of the phenomenon here is similar – adequate result is one that does not go beyond the well-known schema or theory. For example, if the result of the experience or solutions of the theorem is proved true to the original judgment, the result can be considered adequate. But in that case, if the results obtained are contrary to the original theory, their adequacy questioned. By the way, this does not mean that the result is invalid and the experiments were carried out incorrectly. In science, a negative result from the point of view of the adequacy of the experience is justified and has a right to exist. It is often the result of inadequate forces scientists to think and to rethink his initial research.

The modern world is changing so rapidly that the concept of adequacy ceased to be perfectly normal. Young people and even older people are increasingly seeking to stand out from the crowd, proving to the world and to themselves that they are capable of more. There is a gap standard template, a protest against the monotony and reconsideration of their adequacy. Today inappropriate behavior may not only be honorable, but can turn into a kind of symbol of freedom and equality.