If you suspect your husband is unfaithful, and can not prove, you should pay attention to several points, which serve as an indication that he goes "left." First and foremost, think carefully whether you really want to know the truth, and that you then do about it. If you are going to divorce or have children together, who love the Pope, and good relations in the family, maybe it's better not to know anything. Well, if you are strongly and want to prove adultery, you should do it right. Her husband, who is cheating on his wife, often have to lie to her, if you catch cheating very difficult to prove the fact of fraud is much easier. The first indication that the man is cheating on you, is its non-standard behavior. The husband suddenly has a desire to intensively monitor their appearance, if before, he could easily not shave or wear yesterday's slightly wrinkled shirt, with the advent of a mistress it becomes unacceptable. Maybe it started with you dumping calls to mobile and to go for talks in another room.
Another sign of infidelity is that the husband began to stay at work, or he had a sudden business trip, and also urgent matters on weekends. In this case, you can just call on work landline phone and ask him to come to the phone.
In addition, every affair requires at least a small cash outlay. In any case, a man must make gifts to his woman, to pay in a restaurant or cafe, or at least to pay the hotel or taxi. If my husband suddenly did not pay the premium or cut wages, it may be a sign that he's just a new additional costs. If you're able, atrocities for a while and come home early, even if you are caught cheating, let's see how your sudden appearance to react to her husband. In any case, the woman will notice the presence in the house of a stranger, even if he was there during her absence. In extreme situations you can set in the apartment of a camera or recorder. Another source of information may be a mobile phone or Internet.
The everlasting way to detect infidelity are gossip, believe it is not always possible, but the smoke without fire does not happen. Talk to mutual friends, maybe someone knows about the fact of betrayal. In the case when it comes to divorce court, there is some kind of financial interest, it is possible to hire a private investigator that will provide you with irrefutable evidence, but the cost is not too cheap. If it's not far, just talk with your loved one, maybe you all think, and suspicions will poison the lives of your family. If there is mutual love and respect, you can always find a way out of the unpleasant situation.