Luggage, which the passenger is going to take into the cabin is called hand baggage. The weight of such baggage, seats and other details that are important to air travel, can be found on the official website of the airline. This information varies considerably depending on the airline, ticket fare, the itinerary, and availability of cards frequent flyer.

Standard rules

In flights to Europe, business class passengers of Lufthansa, Air France, KLM usually permitted to carry on Board 2 pieces of baggage. One - no larger than 115 cm in total length, width and thickness of the space and the other not more than 100 cm, the Total weight of hand Luggage must not exceed 18 kg. For economy class passengers - 1 piece weighing no more than 10-12 kg. If we consider the short-haul flights, as well as from Europe to the United States and Canada (this restriction also applies to flights to Italy), all passengers will have to settle for 1 piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 8 kg.

The airline "Aeroflot" carry-on baggage more strictly regulated. Passengers of business class are allowed to have 1 piece of hand Luggage weighing up to 15 kg, and economy class - 1 piece of no more than 10 kg.

Additional hand Luggage

Usually all passengers are allowed additionally to carry on Board accessories such as a handbag, laptop, umbrella, walking stick, books to read. Raises questions of staff and an additional separate bag with food for the baby or dietary food, medicine.

It is also possible additionally to carry in cabin bag with purchases from Duty Free shops. However, if the purchases are of impressive dimensions, the airline staff may ask passengers to take the Luggage.

Some airlines, such as KLM, Air France, additionally allow to carry on Board folding baby strollers. If the Luggage rack in the cabin is full, baby strollers are registered in baggage directly before entering the aircraft.

Travelling with a child over 2 years and, therefore, having a place of their own can additionally bring to the salon chair (car seat) for child. This seat must be certified for use in aircraft.

Living hand Luggage

A small animal such as a dog or cat may be transported in the aircraft cabin as hand Luggage. The weight of the animal with a cage or special bag for transport should not exceed 6 kg. This "living" place should be put under the front seat during takeoff and landing, and therefore the height of the cells should not exceed 20 cm (length - 40 cm, width 30 cm).