Basic Foundation

Each dessert requires its own cream. For example, a sponge cake needs to be very strong impregnation, as his cakes turn out dry and brittle. For this dessert it is better to use oil or sour cream.

One of the most simple recipes are the following: it is necessary to take 1 can of condensed milk and 400 ml of thick cream. Mix the ingredients together and give a good brew. This cream is better to coat the cake in advance to cakes well soaked. If you want the cream you can add chopped dried apricots. This cream is good as dipping, and decorating the culinary products.

Another option is buttercream, which includes:

- 200 g of softened butter;
- 1 Bank of condensed milk.

These components should be mixed among themselves until a thick cream. You can also add a lot of cocoa powder – get a simple chocolate cream.

Creamy delights

But a simple cream sometimes looks a little boring, so many of the cooks learned how to cook real masterpieces, decorating cakes unprecedented colors and shapes. As a rule, the composition of complex creams with eggs, butter and cream (or milk) with sugar. For beauty add food coloring. Today you can easily buy at the store, but still better to use natural paints.

For example, grated lemon peel will give a beautiful yellow, red or pink can be obtained using the juice of red berries, wine or beet juice. Green well spinach, and brown – coffee strong tea leaves or burnt sugar.

Probably the most difficult to prepare are cheese and custard, because you need to cook. But the cream, which includes gelatin, allow to create a real culinary masterpiece, because you can add different fruits and berries, which means that the cake will look truly festive. Besides, this dessert is not only delicious, but also useful.

To obtain the cream with the gelatin to properly prepare the Foundation. To create such jewelry is usually enough for one pack of powder (about 25 g), which is necessary to prepare the way stated on the packaging. Then the resulting mass is added to a Cup of the main ingredients (usually it's sour cream or whipped cream).

For sour cream with gelatin:

- 25 g of gelatin;
- 200 g of sour cream;
- 120 g icing sugar;
- vanilla or other food flavoring – to taste.

To dissolve the gelatin as indicated on the pack by the way. In a separate bowl, blend sour cream and powder, to give the mass to infuse. Then, after the foam appears, pour gelatin, continuing to interfere. The resulting cream put in refrigerator until thick.