Right to the property

Privatization is subject to only accommodation that sleeps in it are under the contract of social hiring. I.e. under such contract, in which persons of the landlord is the state or municipality. The person signing the contract of social hiring, on the other hand is the employer, but all the other members of his family living in the apartment have the same rights and obligations, and, therefore, eligible for privatization.

According to the law, to exercise this right can everyone who is registered in this apartment. Minors do not yet have a permanent residence, this right is mandatory. Deprived of it, only those who are registered at that address temporarily and those who have once exercised their right to privatization, being registered at a different address.

Eligible to register don't lose those family members that currently do not exist – are in a long trip or are serving in the Armed Forces serving a sentence in detention or are abroad. To enable them to return to exercise their right and share in privatization, it is necessary to make the statement, the validity of which is not limited. In the case when all family members have permanent registration in this apartment, I will want to participate someone else, with their common consent, that person can obtain first a permanent record in it, and then right to the property along with the others.

The form of privatization

To determine who has the right to privatize the apartment, you should decide and what type of privatization it is better to use. It was privatized in the sole property of someone from the family members, all others must write a formal refusal, which shall be certified by a notary or at the time of registration of documents for privatization in the bodies of Rosreestr. In the case when the apartment is registered minor, they also, theoretically, can renounce their share in the privatization of apartments, but as a rule, the guardianship and guardianship body, whose consent is required in this case, it is not allowed.

Spouses living together in this apartment, have the right to issue it in the General joint property, and then dispose of this property, they can only at a mutual consent. When you live in an apartment and the remaining family members, to privatize it in equal parts in common ownership.

Please note that the deadline for the privatization expires on 28 February 2015.