Free privatization of apartments in our country is already 20 years old. Until March 1, 2013 privatization is a free transfer to the property of the citizen of which he takes under the contract of social hiring. Then to place the living space in the property will be for the money, bought it from the state.
For an initial consultation on privatization, you need to contact the Department for privatization of the district Council. If you are registered in the apartment alone, then your efforts are facilitated: it is not necessary to obtain the consent of other tenants and collect documents on them. If you live in a good house and pay for an apartment, this will also be a plus in your direction. Under the law, not to privatize living space in a dilapidated building. Questions arise against malicious defaulters.
Then you need to collect all the necessary documents. Their list was approved:
- copy of passport
- information on the replacement passport in the period from September 1991 to present
- certificate on non-participation in the privatization
- if you have changed housing since 1991, you need to take an extract from the house register from all locations
- documents for the apartment (originals and copies): order, the social contract of employment, passport of the dwelling
- at BTI, you need to explication and floor plan, as well as the testimony of legalized re-planning, if she was
- in the dispensation of the statement of financing account
You may be asked to provide additional documents. For IPO all papers are free of charge. If you encounter any difficulties or you just don't have time to run on instances, to resort to intermediaries. They will help to collect documents for 500 – 2000 roubles.
All collected certificates, originals and copies should be referred to the Department for the privatization of the district Council. After registration documents you will receive a Certificate of ownership.
According to statistics, the arrangements for the privatization of apartments the citizen spends 2-4 months. Intermediaries can be managed in a couple of weeks. And more one important point: the apartment becomes the property free of charge, but the state fee need to pay (about 500 rubles).