Pearl wedding

30 years – pearl wedding. Pearls since ancient times was considered a symbol of purity and tenderness. Pearl wedding recalls that year that the couple lived together, "strung" on a string, like pearls, every year he takes the form and becoming more beautiful. Pearl wedding is a symbol of the love that the couple was able to save for 30 years of marriage, a symbol of understanding, of loyalty and devotion.

Traditions and gifts

Each wedding anniversary has its own traditions. The name of this wedding speaks for itself. On this day, parents can give everything that resembled pearls.
It can be a lamp in the shape of a shell with pearl, jewelry box, adorned with pearls, or a picture symbol.

If you have grandiose plans about how to celebrate the thirtieth wedding anniversary of your parents, a gift could be the original organization of the festival, guests, hall, registration, contests, and of course, a festive wedding cake. The cake, by the way, can be represented as a separate gift. It can be ordered in the form of pearls or pearl is just beautiful and the centrepiece of the festive cake. The reward for the parents for their loyalty to each other can be awarded a diploma of "happy anniversary 30 years of" specialty "Happy pearl wedding" and a medal. The diploma indicates the tasks that were set before the bride and groom at the beginning of their family life and marks about execution. So you can buy a diploma and can be done independently. Very pleasant and funny surprise.

In addition to pearl jewelry on your wedding anniversary you can give the products of pearl. It might be dishes, figurines, bowls or other items corresponding holiday.
Nice and pleasant, if a parent receives glasses handmade with your own images and, of course, pearls.

A great gift can be a restored photo of parents, inserted in a beautiful frame, decorated with pearls, or you can order their joint portrait.

Symbolically you can give "tree of happiness" or "money tree", and better together, the family was driven both.
These small gifts can be presented as a Supplement to the main. But the main gift could be everything from minor things to major appliances or even furniture.

Remember, whatever you gave parents an anniversary gift will be appreciated, the most important thing for your family is attention.