First of all, to reflect what kind of person is your wife and what gift would suit her more: the practical or romantic.

Practical gifts

Those usually involve things that can be used by woman as decoration or to care for themselves, but also techniques applicable in everyday life.

You can please your favorite expensive perfume, as it is a win-win. But only if you know which flavor is preferred by your spouse. A rare woman would refuse jewelry, if it is chosen in accordance to her tastes.
Moreover, a woman can please a nail set or a different kind of "beauty tools" like hair dryers, depilatories, ploek, etc.

With regard to home appliances, perhaps most women today already have everything you need for the household: crock pots, blenders, mixers, microwave ovens, irons, washing machines. By the way, if something of the above you have not, take note. But not every housewife is such a useful helpmate in life as a dishwasher.
This gift is especially needed if you have a large family.

Technique can be not only domestic, but also digital. A new phone (or smartphone), tablet, camera, digital photo frame, e-book – all this is very true for modern women.

The vast majority of women are not averse to a gift certificate to a clothing store, cosmetics or the same equipment. Then your spouse will be able to choose a gift according to the taste and to do so at any convenient time for her.

Romantic gifts

Now it's time to move on to the second category of gifts. If your favorite romantic, she'll probably be glad of a huge beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Flowers can be delivered by courier directly to the place of work of your spouse that will be a pleasant surprise for her, especially if the bouquet will be presented to the admiring gaze of her colleagues.

In addition, your wife probably will not refuse to dinner at an expensive restaurant, a trip through the city in a limousine, horse-drawn carriage or by boat.

You can also try the option of pet. A small furry pet (whether kitten or puppy) with the bow in the neck, snoring in a wicker basket, can touch the heart of most ladies. However, consider carefully before making such a gift.

Today it has become fashionable to give certificates for the photo shoot. Personal portfolio made by a professional photographer, making almost any woman. The photo shoot can be family, which includes you and your children. These images will please your wife for many years.

If resources permit, one hundred percent hit the target will be present in the form of a romantic trip for two. Especially valuable such a gift would be in the cold season, when all the ladies really miss the sun, warmth and bright colors. But try to make the trip coincided with the release of your wife, not to cause her any unnecessary trouble at work.

If your wife is not afraid of heights, a wonderful and unique gift would be a flight in a hot air balloon (of course, for two). This is what will be remembered of her life.

Whatever your gift, as long as it was done from the heart. Try to give him all my love and gratitude. Don't forget to add a sincere and gentle words, and will surround the beloved with care and attention to this important day for her. Give her not only the gift, but also a sense of celebration.