Chocolate color never goes out of fashion – on the contrary, is becoming more popular thanks to the variety and richness of shades. This amazing color can be a warm caramel brown or cold, reminiscent of the real dark chocolate. Choosing a chocolate color of hair, take into account not only fashion trends, but also your color type.

Who's more likely is a chocolate color

Representatives of the so-called "winter" color type will benefit if you change the color of your curls on the chocolate. The "winter" beauties of nature expressive appearance: white or dark skin, smooth complexion, brown or green eyes and dark hair. They're better rich shades of chocolate brown with steel or black sheen. When choosing paint you need to consider that dark blonde or brown hair color will look darker, so before painting it is best to consult a professional Barber. To emphasize the colour of the hair and complement the image will help bright makeup with emphasis on eyes and lips.

If chocolate hair color with other color types

Can choose a shade of chocolate color girls "spring", "autumn" and "summer" color type? Of course, you can, subject to certain rules.

"Spring" complexion perfect not too bright or dull shades, but something in between, reminiscent of a light milk chocolate. The "spring" girls usually ash or Golden hair, peach skin, grey or blue eyes, so the chocolate shade of hair will help them to make the appearance more bold and contrasting. Coloring the hair, you can't forget the eyelashes and eyebrows, which "spring" color type are often very bright. It is advisable to give them the same tone as the hair.

"Autumn" color type easily recognizable by the reddish-chestnut hair, Kareem or blue eyes and the transparent skin with freckles. With very dark hair color such appearance will lose the individuality, so "autumn" to the ladies it is better to choose a warm milk chocolate tone with hints of gold and copper. New hair color will perfectly blend with a soft makeup in beige and coral tones.

"Summer" is a pretty bright color type, which is characterized by olive skin, green or grey eyes and brown hair. "Summer" girls can afford bold experiments and choose a bright chocolate color cold or warm hue. The main thing – do not abuse decorative cosmetics, otherwise the image will be too geeky.