What colors are suitable for blondes with light eyes

Conventionally, blondes can be divided into two camps. The first are the winner of gray/blue eyes, the second is green/brown. In addition to the eyes, selecting the perfect color, consider skin tone and hair.

If you are a blue-eyed blonde with pale skin, pay attention to delicate and pastel shades of pink. You will also go clothes peach, gray-blue, pale green, asphalt flowers. If you wish to wear anything bright, choose a berry-pink or turquoise color.

Apart from clothes, to emphasize the appearance will help make up. Highlight eyes, graphite, sapphire, dark purple or bronze pencil. From the shadows you fit mint, blue, pearl, champagne. Boldly mixes colors to figure out which makeup suits you the most.
Between the makeup and clothing needs to be a balance. Great if their colors complement each other without competing. Having light eyes and hair, be sure to draw contour, not to look pale.

The blonde with the olive or dark/tanned skin should stick with saturated colors. You'd look great in shades of brown (mocha, chocolate, cappuccino), dirty pink, purple. Also feel free to choose clothes orange, yellow, blue, Apple green colors.

In makeup, the best choice would be lavender, purple, gray, dark green, bronze color. Please note: the blondes of any type is not recommended for use in makeup black pencil eyeliner. This will make the image vulgar and cheap.

The enchanting image of a blonde with hazel and green eyes

Dark-skinned blond beauties with dark/green eyes with clothes should adhere to the dark pink shades. Also you will go grey, sapphire, coral, pastel yellow outfits. For makeup choose natural green and brown color. Add the image lights will help gold and bronze tones.
Classic colors (black, brown, white) blondes of any type can wear without fear. However, make sure that you add the kit item/accessory in its palette.

Owners of light skin in this case, stylists advise to hold clothes natural green-brown scales. You will approach things shades of olive, ochre, moss, etc. More colors you get, if you enter into the wardrobe of things dark blue, moon yellow and shades of Bordeaux. A gentle way will help to create a pinkish shade of ivory and gold.

Eyeliner choose olive, brown, gold, green, bronze. To shade the eyelid and give the look of depth will help Golden-green, brown, taupe shades. You can also use shades of champagne and gold.