To clear your account "Vkontakte", you can choose to use special scripts for quick cleaning of walls, for example javascript. These scripts can be found on all sites on this social network. Found the script you need to copy into the address bar and press Enter. Please make sure of the reliability of the website and view reviews about your chosen program. Most of the scripts can be used to wipe information from the page "My news" from the wall "Vkontakte". The script may not work for other pages. Remember that deleted records recovery will not be considered
Clean the dialogues best by hand, as they accumulate. But just as there are special scripts - a common method of simultaneous cleaning of all messages. The script started to work, you need to log in the browser console (normally this menu is invoked by pressing F12). Next, click on the Console tab, paste the script text and press Enter. So you delete all the messages in "Vkontakte" at the same time, in addition to favorites. This section is formatted manually.
To be able to remove completely or partially the photos that you've uploaded in one album, you must perform a number of operations. A special script for this. Photo albums created automatically ("Pictures on my wall") cannot be removed completely, but, if you destroy it all photos, this album will disappear from the tab "My photos". The pictures uploaded on the wall of your profile can be removed through the same operation of deleting posts from your wall. You then need to remove pictures from the album "Pictures on my wall". You have created albums can be removed with one click. If you are not going to remove all the pictures in the album to your photos in edit mode, locate the image from which you want to delete and click Delete. Clean up the contents of the album, click on the "Save changes".
All ads on the social network page appeared thanks to use extensions and scripts in your browser, that is in the "Vkontakte". Remove all plug-ins and additional extensions for the browser. Usually the complete list of extensions is in the corresponding tab in the settings of your browser. To get rid of ads on the left, you will need to disable or delete these extensions.