The tradition of the birthday

Before, before in Russia at the beginning of the last century began the struggle with religion, according to Orthodox tradition, the newborn baby had to be baptized a few weeks after birth. Baptism is not only a sign of communion the sacraments of Orthodoxy, but the acquisition of the name by which the person can identify the face of the Almighty. Usually at baptism he used the name of a Saint who was a patron day on which the child was born. If the name didn't seem right, you can choose the names of saints, patron closest to the date of birth days. As a rule, the search was limited to three days before and three days after the date of birth. So often the name day and birthday coincide, hence the confusion when today is a birthday called a birthday.
The calendar the name used today, you can buy them in the Church shops.

Wise Sophia

Sonia, Sofa, Sonia – all variants of the same full name – Sophia. The name is Greek and means "wisdom", "wise". The girl with the same name just got lucky – a birthday she can celebrate as many as eight times a year: 28 Feb, 1 APR, 15 may, 4 Jun, 17 Jun, 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 29 and 31 December.
The most famous of these dates is September 30. On this day the birthday together with Sofia to celebrate all the Faith, Hope and love. According to Church tradition, the Christian Martyr was executed on this day.

It is believed that the girl bearing this name, despite the softness and tenderness, which she demonstrates in relationships with family and her people, has a strong and strong-willed character. She has the ability to insist on not using brute pressure, and acting gently and persistently, assuring the correctness. Sophia is a very independent person, accustomed to rely on themselves and prefer to fill the cones, and to achieve your goals.

This is a dedicated person, ready to devote himself entirely to the fact that excites her interest. As long as the interest in it is not quenched, it can literally move mountains, but all built may crumble to dust if Sophia will feel frustrated or lose faith in the validity of what she was doing. Sony usually are good friends, able to help with advice and money. They have an innate diplomacy, and will never act through. They are good leaders, but their home will always remain wise and loving mothers, sisters, daughters.