The mystery of the name Alya

Interestingly, this name is common not only among Muslims, but also representatives of the Orthodox and Catholic faith. It is believed that the Slavs, the name Ala stands for "beautiful". It comes from the words "red", which in ancient times was synonymous with "beautiful."

The woman bearing this name very many positive qualities. She's sweet, kind and beautiful. She and I have something to talk about.Appearance and character Ala most like his father than mother.With age it may develop such traits as flatness and sharpness of judgment.

If the full name of the girl Alevtina, she is boundless honesty and seriousness, Alina, by contrast, is often indecisive and doesn't believe in himself.

Ala must always have a clearly defined goal toward which she should strive. She is always active vital position. It is hard to confuse and force them to abandon their ideas. She often succeeds in different business areas. In those moments when you need to make the right decision in the shortest possible time, it is simply irreplaceable. Long-term projects for the Ali are not of interest. She has this need to see the results of their efforts, so it is attracted to tasks that require quick response.

To earn her favor, the man will have to persevere and prepare for a long courtship, with all the traditional attributes. Flowers, little gifts, romantic dates, trips to the cinema — all she loves.

Married Ala comes out later and more often. Married, she prefers business relations, based on mutual respect, divorce in this pair are quite rare. The child, if born, only one. On the second it is solved, I rarely have it on it may not be enough time and effort.

The money for Ali is only a means to meet their needs, so she parted with them easily and quickly. Often her decisions cannot be called sober and balanced. She takes them under the influence of momentary impulse.

Ala is the soul of the company. She's always surrounded by good friends. Her friendliness and openness allows her to easily get love and sympathy from others.

It is worth noting that Ala is dependent on public opinion. Some of her actions are aimed only to obtain approval and praise from others.


Day angel Ali does not appear in the list of Church holidays. Name days are celebrated in accordance with the angel's full name, form of which it is: Alexander, Alevtina, Alberta, Albina, Alexandra, Alice, Alina, and others.