Natural, refined and modified starch

Natural starch is present in many plants, including edible. This substance is synthesized by the action of light and is deposited in the organs that give life to future generations, for example, seeds or tubers. Starch consists of carbon, which is extracted by the plant from the carbon dioxide elements of water and air. Other elements it lacks, so after combustion, it does not leave even ashes.

Man gets natural starches by eating plants. In the digestive tract under the action of hydrolysis of the substance is converted into glucose, which is absorbed by the body, giving it the necessary energy. That's why the lack of starch may lead to the loss of strength.

Refined starch is a white powder that has no smell and pronounced taste. It is produced industrially from plants and used as food additive for cooking of various dishes.

There is also a modified starch, which is a refined product with various additives. It is often used in industry for preparation of various sauces, margarine, or canned meat.
Despite its frightening name, this product has nothing to do with GMOs, as genetically modified starch could not be in principle – this substance is just not within the DNA of plants.

Foods rich in starch

Natural starch can be obtained by consumption of potatoes and other root vegetables. High its content in crops: rice, buckwheat, corn, wheat, barley. Rich in starch and legumes, for example beans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, or peas. This substance is present in chestnuts, bananas, breadfruit, acorns.
In such products, the starch is particularly healthy, as it is digested by the body not immediately, but gradually. Thus, it is not particularly affects weight and improves blood sugar levels.

Starch is found in many ready food products: baked goods, cereals, bread, pasta and jelly. Almost always there is a certain amount of starch in ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces purchased in the store. That's the kind of starch it is better to avoid, especially for those who are watching their figure. It is very quickly digested by the body, which adversely affects the shape and health in General.