For the human body is very important the acid-alkaline balance. When a sufficient alkali content of the blood as efficiently as possible transportorul oxygen and various nutrients, but it is very important for proper functioning of all organs. It is from acid-base balance largely depends on the health of the person. If you think that your acidity increased, it is necessary to immediately resort to an alkaline diet.

Foods for alkaline diet

To purchase the products for the alkaline diet is not difficult, it is enough to go to the nearest supermarket. Absolutely do not have to radically change your diet, just add to your daily diet any of the products listed below.

Some claim that lemon is a good helper for those who struggle with excess weight because it can burn fat and accelerate metabolic processes.
Surprisingly, the content of alkali the first place, perhaps, is the lemon. This product not only allows you to saturate the body with various minerals and vitamins, to raise the immunity and vitality of the spirit, and restore your acid-alkaline balance. You can just drink the tea with lemon, to add its juice to any beverage or to refuel their salads. If you start the day with a glass of water with lemon juice, can not only enrich your body with lye, but to get rid of toxins.

Another product with a high content of alkali is green. Not to say that it is useful, it is absolutely necessary for the body, especially of the fair sex. It is believed that greenery improves the complexion, the condition of the hair and beneficial effects on vision.

If you don't like the taste of raw carrots or a beet, you can prepare vegetable juice in combination with fruit. So your body receives the necessary minerals and you will enjoy the pleasant taste of the drink.
When observing an alkaline diet is very useful to use root vegetables. It is not difficult to do in the spring and summer. Radishes, carrots, beets and turnips - that's the key to a healthy diet. Do not be limited to soups and the second dishes with the addition of these vegetables. Better to eat them fresh, it is no secret that many nutrients are destroyed during heat treatment.

Cucumbers and celery are wonderful sources of alkali. In addition, they will allow you to normalize digestion and other metabolic processes in your body.

Garlic should also be present in your diet. In addition, he has a pronounced antibacterial and antifungal activity. Of course, garlic is very useful, however, don't abuse them, in some diseases, this product can have negative effects.

Eat avocado. This product not only enrich your body alkali, but also give him an indispensable vegetable fats and amino acids.

Why the body needs alkaline?

The fact that almost all tissues of the human body are alkaline based. It's a shame that they might also produce acid, and it must be neutralized, otherwise it can start to suffer internal organs and metabolic processes. It should be noted that the acid-base balance depends not only on diet but also on the state of the muscular system and respiratory system. If you exercise regularly, focusing on breathing exercises and consume healthy foods, you will be able to forget about disorders of acid-base balance in your body.