Avocado, besides the fact that is one of the most nutritious fruits, and even unusually rich in protein. Moreover, this protein is very high quality and is absorbed better than the equivalent from meat or poultry. Why fruit is so important for vegetarians. 100 g of pulp have 1.6—2.1 g protein. Avocado - diet product that nourishes and is very useful due to the presence of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps it can be called the high-protein fruit.
About 2 g of protein in 100 g of passion fruit, which is 3% of the total weight of the fruit, and for fruit it is a lot. Nutritionists recommend eating passion fruit for the prevention of various diseases due to its unique properties.
Of 1.81 g of protein accounts for 100 fruits of the date palm, which are usually sold as dried fruit. Dates have a lot of carbohydrates, so consumed they are recommended in limited quantities, especially for patients with diabetes.
Exotic fruit durian, native to Asia, contains to 1.47 g of protein per 100 g of product. This is rather peculiar, it has a unpleasant odor and has a number of contraindications, including hypersensitivity. However, in moderation durian may benefit the body to strengthen the immune system, etc.
In one average sized banana (which typically weighs about 150 grams) contains about 1 g of protein, in larger specimens up to 1,8 g per 100 g of dried bananas account for up to 2.8 to 3.5 g of protein. This fruit is often preferred by athletes, however, not so much because the proteins in it (the percentage of which many athletes seem to lack), but because of the high caloric content and nutritional value. Interesting fact: protein tryptophan contained in bananas, is used by the body for conversion into the hormone of joy - serotonin, ie, these fruits can perk up your mood.
The same amount (about 1 g) of protein present in this exotic fruit, like kiwi. In addition, the unique enzymes in the kiwi fruit help to digest proteins, derived from other products - dairy, meat, fish. Due to this, the digestion of protein in the body is faster and more complete.
From 0.9 to 1.6 g of protein, according to various estimates, may be contained in 100 grams of nectarine - fruit of Chinese origin. It is similar to peach, but has a more sweet taste, making very popular.
Approximately 0.9 g of protein, including several essential amino acids contained in 100 g of apricots. The presence of a large number of vitamins and other nutrients making the apricot one of the most valuable fruits to human.
The high protein content of different dried fruits. So, in 100 g of dried apricots (dried apricots) - about 3.75 grams of protein, 100 grams of plum - 2,5 g.