Advice 1: What are the penalties for perjury

As the saying goes: "From Sumy and from prison do not promise". Every person in any moment can appear in court as a witness, the victim and even the accused. In any of these incarnations he will have to testify – to tell the facts about the lawsuit, which he is. Before he start to do it, have to warn you about the existing criminal liability for misrepresentation and perjury.
What are the penalties for perjury

Responsibility lies under the law

In article 51 of the Constitution States that you can refuse to testify in a criminal case. This can be done if you don't want to give them against himself, his spouse and close relatives. To the next of kin, paragraph 4 of article 5 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation include spouse, parents, children, adoptive parents and adopted children, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren. In all other cases to assist the court in the investigation of your civic duty. Assuming you truthfully and accurately needs to outline all the facts known to you on interesting court issue.

In the case when you deliberately want to introduce the court into error, for some reason, distorting the truth, it's called perjury and is a criminal offence. Article 307 of the criminal procedure code provides for punishment for this act, thereby equating it to a criminal offense.

As can be punished for perjury

The degree of punishment depends on the degree of damage that was caused by your false testimony. In fact, you interfere with the normal activities of the court, investigation and inquiry by obtaining reliable evidence. Your lie has become an obstacle to truth and could lead to the imposition of unjust judgment, to violate not only the interests of justice, but also personality.

Part 1 of article 307 punishes deliberate lie to result in a fine in the amount of 80 thousand rubles, other monetary sanctions, or compulsory works and imprisonment for up to three months. In the case of causing more serious damage to the consequence of the offence as regards 2 articles 307, in this case, you may be punished by deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

But the law provided grounds for the release of persons who had given false testimony from criminal liability. This reason can be considered threats, pressure and intimidation by third party, other forms of compulsion to this crime. In addition, you can be exempt from liability if, in the course of the trial, voluntarily declare the falsity of your testimony. Sentencing for perjury, the court will take into account your personality, the circumstances of the case and whether you have a criminal record. If the conviction is removed, take into account the fact it will not.

Advice 2: The punishment for perjury

Institute of liability for perjury were imposed to ensure the reliability of evidence given by witnesses and assisting in the investigation of a criminal or administrative offence.
The punishment for perjury

As citizens are obliged to assist the court

Almost everyone at least once in life you have to be present at the trial, and sometimes even as a witness in the case. At this point it is important to know that for giving false testimony in court, criminal liability.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation establishes liability of citizens for the promotion of the court and the investigation. Under article 51 of the RF Constitution, a citizen has the right to refuse to testify in the following cases: if the evidence against himself and close relatives. These include children, parents, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. In relation to other people, everyone is obliged to testify, which requires the investigation, and they are required to be truthful.

One who testifies in court is called a witness. Before testifying in court the presiding judge is obliged to warn every witness about responsibility for perjury. Article 307 of the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation equates the act a criminal offense.

How will be punished for false testimony

The severity of the punishment for perjury will depend on the severity of the damage caused by the result of false testimony. Because of distorted information, the investigation could go astray. This crime is considered a public threat. Because of the false testimony could hurt innocent people or a few people. Because paragraph 1 of article 307 of the criminal procedure code provides for a penalty of a fine of 80 thousand rubles, compulsory works or arrest for a period up to 3 months. Liability arises when a person 16 years of age.

The subject of the crime is the information contained in the record of the trial, expert opinion, etc., that is, about admit testimony, having written, not oral form.

However, in matters of lesbianlove the court takes into account such facts as the witness tampering, as well as a voluntary confession to perjury and further assistance in the investigation. This so-called special kind of exemption from criminal responsibility.

In addition, responsibility for false testimony, except for witnesses, may be incurred by the victim or an expert involved in the investigation of the crime. Criminal liability may be prosecuted, the perpetrator of a deliberately wrong translation of the documents is key when considering the case.
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