How is sublimation products

Sublimation is a physical process of transition of a substance from solid to gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Today it is used for preserving food with all the nutrients and vitamins for a long time.
The sublimation process was developed by a Russian mining engineer Lappa-Starzhenetskiy in the 20 years of the last century. And after 40 years it was used in the production of products to geologists, polar explorers or astronauts.

To sublimate a particular product, it is very rapidly cooled to a temperature of about -190оС, and then freeze the moisture out of it in a special vacuum drying. Moreover, the higher the freezing rate, the smaller will be formed by the ice crystals and therefore the higher quality freeze-dried product.

Obtained as a result of these steps, the product becomes ten times easier the source and its moisture content does not exceed 8-10%. While it retains approximately 99% of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other biologically active substances, because the sublimation process eliminates heat treatment.

Packing and storing the freeze-dried food

The finished freeze-dried product is placed in a special three-layer packaging based on aluminum foil, which is filled with gaseous nitrogen. The last substance, certified according to GOST, instantly evaporates when opening the package and absolutely does not affect the quality of the content. That's why freeze-dried products which need not be kept in the refrigerator. However, each of them has its own shelf life. Vegetables and berries, for example, are stored for about 2 years, and dairy products – 13 months.

Benefits and harms of freeze-dried food

Sublimation can now be subjected to any product: berries, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk, butter, cereals, juices and even alcoholic beverages. Liquid sublimate in powder, from which then often form granules and solid products as powder and small size.

Due to the low weight, convenient packaging, high nutrient content and long shelf life without refrigeration freeze-dried products is essential while Hiking or moving over long distances. Some of them, like beet juice, it is much nicer to take it in freeze-dried form than in fresh. While they are enough to fill the required amount of water.
The higher the water temperature, the faster the freeze-dried product will recover in volume.

The danger of such products to the body may be in violation of the manufacturer's equipment sublimation or using low-quality sources. Only a specialist can properly determine the quality of the freeze-dried product.