Advice 1: What does the term "freeze-dried coffee"

Opponents of instant coffee often point to its uselessness and low palatability in comparison with the original product. However, this type of coffee is very popular worldwide. All about convenience – making a Cup of fragrant hot drink takes a minimum of time and requires no special equipment. For a long time to achieve the most natural taste was considered impossible, until there is coffee.
Instant coffee vs drink espresso
Freeze-dried coffee is produced on the technology of freeze-dried, which literally translated to English means "drying by freezing". In this method of cooking the finished product retains a greater amount of useful natural substances, and has a much more pronounced aroma and smooth rich taste. Technology of production of freeze-dried coffee is quite complex and energy consuming, so that it is somewhat more expensive than other soluble counterparts.

Production of freeze-dried coffee

The initial stage of preparation of coffee beans for further processing lies in their careful roasting and grinding to the consistency of flour. The resulting coffee flour for three hours is in the process of cooking in a special sealed containers. In the process of making part of the essential oils contained in coffee beans, it goes together with the steam. In order not to deprive future drink useful properties, there is a special technology to extract oil from the vapor.

After three hours of cooking ready a thick coffee sludge subjected to shock-freezing low temperature and then freeze in a vacuum until dry powder. The resulting coffee weight, almost completely devoid of moisture, is broken into granules and is impregnated with essential oils extracted from the coffee at the beginning of the cooking process.

How to look high-quality freeze-dried coffee

When choosing freeze-dried coffee it is worth to pay special attention to its appearance and quality packaging. So, granules of instant coffee should be of large size, dense have a light brown shade and shape to resemble a pyramid. If you buy coffee in a transparent banks, pay attention to the observance of integrity of packaging and shelf life – freeze-dried product can be stored for more than two years. The presence of sediment on the bottom of the jar testifies to violation of technology of manufacturing, this means that, most likely, the drink will not fully convey the taste of freshly brewed coffee from ground beans.

Who shouldn't drink instant coffee

Coffee is strictly forbidden to use for pregnant women and young mothers in lactation period, children under ten years of age and people prone to hypertension with heart disease and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, kidney and urogenital system.

Advice 2: What is healthier coffee: instant or ground

Although some medical debate continues about the benefit and harm of coffee, amount of coffee people are not particularly reduced. Some of them refer to the fact that instant coffee does less harm to the body. Whether so it actually? And what kind of coffee should be given preference?
What is healthier coffee: instant or ground

How more useful?

Coffee is very invigorating. Such effect is achieved due to contained in the beans caffeine. In the ground coffee contains about 115 mg of caffeine per 125 grams, and soluble in twice.
In other words, a Cup of organic coffee will provide a much greater energy boost.

However, physicians publicly declare that caffeine is bad for the body, has a destructive effect and is contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. But instant coffee has no harmful effects on the heart, but on the contrary, even useful. According to studies, people who drink about 5 cups of instant coffee a day, far less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease than those who don't. Ground coffee for the experiment is not used, as in this case, it all depends on the method of its preparation.

In turn, Japanese scientists have proved that the use of ground coffee, rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of liver cancer, but instant coffee is harmful to use those who have increased the acidity. Furthermore, after prolonged treatment in a soluble coffee begin to accumulate carcinogens, able to cause the emergence of the tumor and the abundance of preservatives may cause metabolic disorders and, consequently, the formation of cellulite.

If you're on a diet and don't know which coffee to choose, it really is not a big deal. Itself coffee, both soluble and ground, does not have much effect on weight, because these drinks are very low in calories. Harmful in this case would be coffee with milk, cream or sugar.

It's all in the way of cooking

In the case of instant coffee preparation method is not critical, as the properties of the drink are not changed, and it does not matter, poured you coffee cold or hot water.

In a situation with ground coffee much more complicated.
Some scientists have long conducted research, trying to identify the relationship between the use of natural coffee and cholesterol in the blood.

Oddly enough, but it all depends on the method of preparation of the drink. In the case of espresso, when ground coffee is passed through steam, or with a simple boiled in a Turk, grains allocated colestrol and Cofer causing high cholesterol in the blood. But in instant coffee these substances are initially absent. To reduce the number of possible, skipping the prepared coffee through a paper filter. Some coffee makers included this option.
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